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Data Mining

Tech Vector has established itself as a reputable data mining service provider. The company has built its name on client’s satisfaction. Tech Vector assists its clients to increase their profitability by enabling them to detect preferences of their clients and stay on top of current business trends. It also avails data extraction services; this assists clients to increase their profitability.

A successful company requires data research, market monitoring, product analysis, and competitor tracking. Data mining offers all these services. This is exactly what a company requires for it to prosper and at Tech Vector we make this a reality.

With a wide variety of data mining services, our experts ensure they perfect their jobs and results are symmetrical growth of company capital and efficient systems. Tech Vector helps attempts to reduce customer loss so as to achieve revenue increase.

 Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining

Tech Vector builds on the industry-proven data mining process model -CRISP-DM, This stands for Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining. Model permissions include a high level of flexibility which allows Tech Vector to offer customized solutions to clients which defines the integrity of our company. The process is divided into phases which are;

  • Business Understanding
  • Data Understanding
  • Data Preparation
  • Modeling
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment

Data mining is used in a wide variety of fields. They include:

 Business data mining

Mainly used in the business field to help businesses run effectively by enabling smooth running of activities. One of the services data mining offers is to match the right offer to customers. Tech vector also aids business scrutinize their progress. The market and product analysis comes in handy to keep most businesses afloat.

 Trading Prediction

Data mining has proven to be very useful in the stock market especially when it comes to stock market predictions. Investors are always trying to establish the future value of the stock of a company and other financial instruments. A successful prediction of the stock market is in most cases very profitable for an individual and businesses. Tech Vector attempts to make trading predictions by making estimations of trading trends through relevant discussions and news flash derived using various data mining techniques. The problem with this method is that people often have varied opinion on the stock market and this to an extent affects the accuracy of the findings.

 Investment management data mining

Data mining in investment management is mainly used to develop trade systems and trading strategies that are based on technical analysis. It is also used to optimize portfolio performance and predict future prices of stock. This works towards increasing the firm’s profitability.

 Customer relationship management

Tech Vector assists companies to better communicate with their customers. It deduces a method to indentify customers who are likely to be interested in specific offers and services in their specific niche. This helps companies who mainly deal with customer relation prosper.

Data mining is useful and innovative technology. It helps clients realize their potentials and possible factors that can lead to a company’s decline. It also shows possible solutions to threats related to the perspective problems. At Tech Vector we offer remarkable data mining techniques which have for a long time helped clients to have high profitability and good company reputations worldwide.